10 ways to avoid Marketing Automation failure

Excerpt from the paper:

Accountability for financial results can be tough for Marketing teams to accept, especially if they have not been structured for it in the past.

In no particular order, here are ten holes that can spell the end of a marketing teams effectiveness and even its very existence.

1. Data despair.
2. Executive absence.
3. Complexity. Where do you start?
4. Sales-marketing misalignment.
5. Lack of buyer insight.
6. Lack of relevant content.
7. Lack of lead qualification
8. Lack of program flexibility, ongoing updates.
9. Lack of reporting insight.
10. Loss of the Power User.

It's not enough, of course, simply to identify the problems.  What can you and your team do about them?

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What challenges are top of mind for your Marketing organization today?
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Aligning Marketing & Sales on a common lead process?
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Marketing Calendaring with Enterprise Visibility?

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